Ensuring Lasting Quality Of Drainage Systems

For businesses that supply and manufacture drainage systems, there is always a question of quality. Improper drainage systems can cost a lot of money as well as potentially interrupting the productivity of a facility, so it is imperative that customers are able to rely on what they are buying. To this end, the ISO9001 framework sets out a series of requirements of quality that ensures the end buyer gets something they can trust. This can include feedback about the businesses overall performance as well as ongoing support so that the entire process of investing in drainage pipes is above board and trustworthy. Having ISO 9001 qualification can mean that a business gets the best installation of their drainage system and reduces the likelihood that they will suffer problems in the near future.

Warranties will also be a huge factor in the buying of a complete drainage solution. This naturally depends on the life expectancy of each particular part, but it could mean 10 – 15 years, which will be of great peace of mind. Having public and product liability insurance covering all of these parts will typically offer indemnity in the millions. Some suppliers may even offer third party FSA regulated insurance that can offer protection against defects, although an inspection may need to be arranged of the final system when installed. Not every product from a supplier may be covered, and others may be dependent on other factors being present such as waterproofing. Checking all of this will make for the surest path forward.