Getting Reliable Quality With Cast Iron Drainage

Cast iron drainage is a great option for those period buildings that need to maintain a particular look. While some may be designed with a traditional aesthetic, others may go for a plain look, but both should perform admirably as a complete water drainage solution. Products like this will benefit from Agrement Certification which will give some indication as to the quality along with compliance with BS EN 877. A complete solution should always include everything from the pipework connection to the underground sewer and should be ready for use as soon as possible after installation.

Cast iron solutions are typically lightweight, yet very strong and will easily stand up to the elements for many years due to their high tensile design. Couplings may also come in stainless steel or ductile with the overall system ideally able to stand up to vandalism or accidental damage.

Traditional designs will be great for any heritage applications where look takes more precedence. Of course, this should never compromise the capability of the system which should ideally use caulk with glassfibre for jointing instead of tarred yarn. The solution should also be adaptable to both single and multi-storey buildings and should come with a range of fittings as well as with or without ears. Some of the better options will also be offered fully painted before installation, thus reducing the amount of time required. The best pipes and fittings will also be factory dipped to BS 416 standards to ensure the highest overall quality and reliability.