Should you Consider Installing Ceiling Fans?

In recent years, ceiling fans have become much more affordable. As a result, many homeowners and businesses have installed them, and are reaping the rewards. Once considered something of an extravagant luxury, ceiling fans are now available at lower prices to suit most budgets, and offer various benefits.

Obviously, many people expect these fans to be a huge help throughout hot summer months. In certain rooms which seem to hold more heat than others, installing a fan in the ceiling will create a cool breeze and help air to circulate; this can cultivate a much more comfortable temperature, particularly when all windows are open. A cooler climate can be a welcome addition to rooms in which you spend most of your time, such as the lounge or bedroom.

Perhaps surprisingly, these fans can also be a welcome feature in winter, as they push warm air towards the ceiling when set to rotate in a clockwise direction; this air will then circulate throughout the room, reducing the amount of central or fireplace heating needed.

Many fans are now fitted with lights, offering greater value for money, and with a huge variety of designs out there, all tastes and decors are catered to. Before you choose your ceiling fan, you should ensure there is enough space available, and check all circuits to ensure they can handle the capacity required – this is particularly important for fans which include lights.