Planting walls for a sustainable future

Scientific research has shown that a green wall can limit the impact of air pollution. Therefore, green walls not only look good, but also serve to improve the quality of urban environments. These walls can be used in a wide variety of different circumstances to good effect. Not everyone realises how adaptable these green building options actually are, however.

Possible locations for innovative wall systems

These special walls can be used to improve a broad range of different buildings. For example, retail developments, office buildings, educational institutions, and local government structures can all benefit from the protection these walls offer. It is important to know that existing buildings and new constructions are both able to benefit from the enhancement associated with walls of plants. These walls have worked very well for representatives of the public, private and charity sector.

Dealing with possible constraints

Some customers may feel a bit daunted at the prospect of using something which they might not have tried before. They could have concerns about practicalities such as aspects of their unique location. However, consulting a company which has experience in the field should allow any such worries to be addressed.

Wonderful for wildlife

These wall systems do not only improve air quality – they also can have a positive impact by providing a habitat for wildlife. Urban areas seem more liveable to many people if they can see that living spaces are shared with small birds and so on. Cities which are brightened up by wildlife are pleasant to work in and this can boost productivity.