What Does Close Protection Training Involve?

Close Protection operatives, or CPOs, where once known as bodyguards. A qualification in close protection can open the door to various career paths, doorman, maritime security for example. Because of the nature of close protection training is essential, and will address the following issues.

General people skills. This includes things like working in a team, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills. Being a CPO requires various people skills, and often protection is about dealing with situations in a people-centric approach. Being able to work as part of a team, and to resolve situations diplomatically, is a crucial skill, one that is addressed by training.

As well as practical knowledge, training courses can also equip CPOs with all sorts of academic knowledge. It is important that CPOs are aware of the weight of legislature that informs their role, and training can lay the groundwork a better awareness of the law.

CPOs are often working in situations where there are various health and safety issues. Close protection training includes various elements of safety training courses, and will address things like how to do risk assessments and threat management. A course may also address counter terrorism issues.

CPOs are often working in difficult situations, and protection often depends a high level of professionalism and a foundation of legal knowledge. These kinds of things can only be arrived at with the right level of rigorous training.