Bomber Jacket Style Through History

Leather bomber jackets are some of the most distinguished leather jackets on the market. They date back from the flight jackets worn during the early 1900s by aviation and military personnel while during the second world war their warmth provided exceptional protection for those who had to ensure considerable drops in temperature when at high altitudes. This is often why bomber jackets have an internal sheepskin lining. This rich history is what has created the modern styles for leather jackets. Of course, since then, materials and processes have moved on considerably and most leather coats are now stylish items in their own right.

Bomber jackets have typically been around since world war 1 mainly because aircraft designs at that time did not have enclosed cockpits. This naturally meant that the pilots were exposed to the elements in their entirety. The leather varieties were particularly adept at deflecting wind and kept the pilots warm during dogfights where quick response and action could actively save their lives. The bomber jacket style was has always been designed with variations, most often incorporating zipped enclosures, high collars, tight fitting cuffs and waists and are often lined with fur. The obvious reason for this was warmth, with many world war 2 bombers achieving altitudes of 25,000 ft which would freeze insulated cabins to around minus 50 degrees Celsius. Knowing this, it is not hard to see why bomber jackets are often tight around the waist, neck and wrists, although styles again vary to be more aesthetically pleasing.