The Changing Nature of Working Life

The nature of working life in the UK is changing. The change might be gradual, but it’s definite. It’s no longer true to say that a professional life is about getting up early in the morning and heading in to some far-flung office. Of course this is still a norm for many people, however it is no longer “the” norm, and there are many more conceptions of the professional life in the modern day. 

Working for yourself

More and more people are working for themselves. There are practical reasons why this might be case, not least the state of the economy. As people struggle to find work they are discovering the benefits of self-employment.

Working at home

One of the obvious benefits about working from home is that you are able to set your own hours and to potentially work from a home office space. In order to accommodate this, you might consider constructing a home office in your garden. Garden offices and garden rooms are growing in popularity, and represent the perfect solution to the home working problem.

In tune with nature

Why would anyone want an office space in their garden? There are lots of benefits here, from the aesthetic benefits of working in such modern and “natural” structures, to more practical benefits, such as the added privacy when working away from the home. A garden office doesn’t have to remain an office of course, and can be re-fitted to become a studio or even summer house.