What Does Sending E-cards Say About Your Business

Whenever  you market yourself, no matter how you do it, it’s always a good idea to ask: “what does this say about our business.”One of  the most effective ways to market yourself is to use corporate holiday e cards, they’re very cost effective and can be great for reaching out to staff, existing customers and potential customers. 

But what does sending corporate Christmas e cards say about your business?

Commitment to the Environment

Sending e cards has minimal impact on the environment. Other forms of marketing are not so explicitly good form the environment, they might  use paper or require through the letterbox delivery (leaving a carbon footprint.) When people recieve an e card rather than paper correspondence they tend to think you’ve thought a
little about environmental impact.

Tech Savvy

These days your company is nowhere unless it’s online and when you correspond with your customers via the internet this demonstrates that you’re comfortable with the online world. Other ways to project this idea is to use social media, run a website etc.

Thinking of You

Corporate holiday e cards might be easy to send and you can send thousands within just a couple of clicks. However, from the receivers perspective it seems like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble, in other words that you are thinking of them. This makes your brand seem conscientious, caring and good to deal with.