The strengths of Manchester’s economy

Those looking for office space in the Northwest of England do well to consider Manchester. The city is the economic capital of the region and organisations which use office space in Manchester can benefit from the advantages it has as an attractive location. Manchester has a broad economic base which means that it has greater resilience than some of the other northern cities it is in competition with.

Manchester’s major economic sectors

A survey in 2010 suggested that Manchester had specific strengths in financial services, manufacturing, health, retail, education and creative sectors. However, it also mentioned engineering, digital and professional services. It is also the case that Manchester benefits significantly from tourism and conferences. Other reports have shown that Manchester Airport has been doing well even when the national economy has been more mixed in its performance.

Manchester’s ‘can do’ spirit

Manchester’s economic strengths have been developed by partnership working between the public and private sector. The city has been very effective at attracting investment in recent decades. The city centre has been transformed by impressive regeneration efforts and this has contributed to business confidence. It hosted the Commonwealth Games successfully in 2002 and has held several impressive events since then.

Manchester faces the future

Manchester has got a thriving biotechnology sector and its digital sector also has a lot of promise. Its universities produce a large number of graduates each year. This means that a variety of new high-tech enterprises can look at using Manchester safe in the knowledge that it is a future-oriented city.