Tips for Choosing Cat Food

Cats perhaps don’t have the same reputation for eating as dogs do, however, for them, food is equally important. A cat is an obligate carnivore, which means that it needs to eat meat, or at least the complete proteins found in meat, and so your pet’s diet needs to reflect this. Cats, just like dogs, are also very active animals and they get their energy from their diet. A poor diet, in other words, means an unhappy, unhealthy cat. 

Here are some tips for choosing cat foods:

You might wonder whether you should feed your cat wet or dry food? It’s an age-old question. You might have heard that wet is more nutritious than dry food. It’s true that wet food carries more water, which can help prevent urinary infection, however dry food can be great too, a big advantage with dry food is that it lasts longer.

What about treats? Obesity is becoming a huge problem for cats, and one effective way to prevent this is by changing your cat’s diet. A leading cause of obesity is owner’s who feed their pets food off their table or other treats. A treat once in a while is not a bad thing, but too many treats are a fast track to a weight problem.

Finally, you might not be aware of this but you can get cat food that is formulated for specific health conditions or ages of cat. This food can help reduce the instances of disease in cats and provide a more nutritious diet that is targeted specifically for your pet.