Tips for Moving House with Your Cat

Cats are very territorial animals and so they can be greatly disturbed by the process of moving home. Ideally, if you own a cat you’ll always remain in the same house, within the cats territory. Unfortunately, life’s not like this, there will be times in your life, most probably, when you need to move house. Here are some tips if you are moving home and you have a cat: 

The process of moving home can be very disturbing and confusing for pets. Not only is there the change of scenery to contend with, but there is the general upheaval, the moving of furniture, the unpacking of boxes. All this can be very distressing for a cat and so it’s a good idea to save moving your cat until after you’ve moved the rest of your furniture.

Ideally, you will introduce your cat to the new space very gently and gradually. It’s a good idea to wait until all the furniture has been transported and the removal men have left. Make sure you have the doors and windows closed and avoid making loud noises. Hopefully, your cat will begin to learn their new territory.

When you are moving cats by car there are a few things to consider. You should certainly use a cat carrier, otherwise the cat can cause disruption that might cause a road accident. For longer distances ensure that you have adequate supplies for your cat, e.g. food and water.