Understanding Cat Behaviour

One very effective way to improve how you look after your cat is to learn about its behaviour. The cat is a very mysterious creature, just ask the ancient Egyptians, and so understanding their behaviour can be a real challenge. However, once you begin to understand why your cat does what it does,  you will be in a better position to offer it the very best of care.

Cats might sometimes exhibit disruptive behaviours. This could include everything from scratching to excessive meowing. Just because a behaviour is disruptive it doesn’t mean that the behaviour is abnormal. For example, one common cause of excessive meowing is hormonal, and when a female cat goes on heat it might exhibit all sorts of so called “disruptive behaviours.”

One of the reasons why it is quite difficult to understand cat behaviour is that cats don’t talk, or do they? Actually vocalisation is a very important way in which cats communicate with their owners. Cats meow from when they are kittens, and this is probably to signify that they are hungry or cold. When your cat vocalises to you it is probably because it is hungry, however there are lots of other reasons too.

One of the most interesting aspects of a cat’s personality is the hunting instinct. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they have to eat meat to survive. They are perfectly engineered killing machines, however many domestic cats have lost the ability to finish a kill. This is why your cat might bring you little presents, which haven’t quite been finished off.