What are the Uses of Nylon Plastic?

There are actually several kinds of nylon plastic, which vary considerably in their composition and therefore their properties. Nylon plastic can be a very useful engineering plastic, and the high versatility of nylon products is notable. There are various nylon plastic products that fall into the categories of extruded nylon products and cast nylon products.

Extruded nylon products and their uses

Many extruded nylon products, such as Ertalon 6SA, have various properties that make them ideal for use as engineering plastics. For example, Ertalon 6SA offers high mechanical strength, toughness, stiffness, wear resistance and electrical insulating capability.

Cast nylon products and their uses

Cast nylon products differ from extruded nylon products in the method of their construction. Cast nylon products are made by process of chemical reaction, which means that they can be constructed both to larger dimensions and can be custom made. The properties shared by cast nylon products and extruded nylon products tend to be similar, for example:

High mechanical strength, good fatigue resistance, high mechanical damping ability, excellent wear resistance, good resistance to high energy radiation and good machinability.

The value of these nylon plastic products as engineering plastics cannot be overestimated. Their various properties lend them perfectly to the difficult processes that are involved in engineering, and as such they are a great choice for any project that demands the very best in high performance engineering plastic. You can look online for plastic suppliers that offer both cast nylon and extruded nylon products.