Folding towels: an art form

Luxury bath towels can add a touch of glamour and comfort to any home or business. Their effects can, however, be enhanced further by the way in which they are presented. Folding a towel can be considered an art form and if done well, can add an extra luxurious dimension to a bathroom; it is often known as towel origami.

A well folded towel, especially in a guest bathroom or hotel room, indicates an attention to detail which can immediately make a visitor feel welcome. Towels can be folded in many different ways, including the making of animal shapes, flowers or even in simple rolls.

Animal shapes for towels can be fun and interesting, especially for young children. Swans are one of the most popular shapes for moulded bath towels. This can be achieved easily by creating a folded zed shape, using accessories such as ribbons or jewellery.

Another popular choice for shaping bathroom towels is flowers. This is often an elegant option and is popular in spas and high-end hotels. Usually at least two towels are required for a rose shape and these are folded and rolled together to create the petals and stems.

Other shapes which can be made from towels include boats and cakes. Cruise companies are an obvious example of firms which may use nautical themed shapes and for those who would be receiving towels as a wedding gift, having them presented in a wedding cake shape is a great gift idea.