Maintaining Roller Shutter Safety And Productivity

Industrial roller shutter maintenance has to be carried out to particular industry requirements. Of course, every business wants to have as few problems with their roller shutter solution, with only routine maintenance being required or tune ups every now and then. However, avoiding a complete breakdown is at the top of their list, so it is important for the roller shutter repairs company to have the best expertise when it comes to fixing. The first directive that needs to be observed is the Health and Safety 1974 Regulation 18(2)(B). This tasks companies with a duty of care to ensure that these shutters are always regularly maintained and are always reliable.

The repair company, on the other hand, must offer repairs that meet not only that regulation but also the machinery directive EN 12445 and the quality assurance British Standard 7036. Given that industrial doors can be heavy and very difficult to move once stuck, any failure is not acceptable and companies will always hope that regular servicing will be enough to spot any problems before they fully manifest and become either a danger or the source of reduced productivity.

The more competitive companies will be able to offer rates that reflect the exact type of door that has been installed and may be able to offer ongoing contracts which help to maximise a business’ budget. Not every company can afford this, however, and it may be a case of as and when maintenance is required by the regulations.