Three Ways to Ensure Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety is one of the primary aims of any modern workplace, or at least it should be. Governed by the HSE, any lapses in workplace health and safety will be seriously reprimanded through the legal system. And, even despite this, maintaining workplace health and safety is an ethical responsibility. Here are three ways to improve workplace health and safety:

Have a Written Health and Safety Policy

Actually, it is a legal requirement to have a written down health and safety policy if your business has five or more employees. This policy is important, as it outlines the aims and methodologies for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, which all employees can access and understand.

Invest in First Aid Courses

First aid is one of the key ways that the consequences of serious accidents can be avoided. You may have a watertight strategy for avoiding accidents in the workplace, however when these accidents do happen it’s important that there are people who know “what to do.” Familiar entities, such as St John ambulance first aid courses offer workplace health and safety training schemes.

Ensure Health and Safety is a Two-way Process

Health and safety very much depends on the behaviour of people. It is paramount, therefore, that health and safety doesn’t just come from the top down, and is a two-way process. In practical terms, this means that workers should be able to offer their feedback about health and safety protocol.

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