Things to Consider Before Getting a Kitten

If you’re thinking of getting a kitten or a cat, then there are a few things to consider before taking that step. Lifestyle should be taken into account when deciding. Will you be around during the day to let your cat in and out of the house? If not, will they have somewhere to go if they are cold, wet or frightened? Do you have enough time to house train your kitten and have the patience with it when accidents happen? Is your home big enough to house a cat and all the cat accessories such as a litter tray which is easily accessible? If you can answer these questions positively, then a cat could be the ideal pet for you.

It may be worth spending time around other people’s cats to ensure that you are not allergic to them. It is not fair to you or a kitten if you bring it into your home only to rehome it soon after due to allergies. A good test is to let a cat’s fur rub against the inside of your arm, if it begins to itch or red lumps form, then there is a good chance you are allergic.

The decision whether to get a kitten should not be taken lightly and you should remember that a cat is a big commitment. Cats can live upwards of 15 years so you should be prepared to pay for food and vets bills as well as invest in time and effort in making your cat feel at home.

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