Tips for Bathing Kittens

All young animals are fragile, that much is obvious. So, when you bathe kittens you need to be a little bit careful. You shouldn’t, for instance, bathe a cat that is less than three months old as they won’t be able to regulate their temperature and could develop health problems. However, bathing can be very beneficial to young cat provided it’s done with care.

For example, when you bathe a cat it gives you a unique opportunity to check for health problems like fleas. Also, keeping a cat free from germs will help protect your family from  possible diseases, which is particularly important if there are young children in the home.

Here are some tips for bathing kittens or younger cats:

You’ll need s suitable place to bathe your cat. Young cats are very small and so choose a vessel which is not too small but not too big either. Around something the size of a kitchen sink is appropriate.

It is extremely important that water temperature is just right, otherwise you could either freeze or scold your kitten. Something lukewarm should be suitable.
Make sure you have the right pet supplies. You can get lots of different pet shampoos for instance, such as ones that protect against and eradicate flea infestation.

After bathing, gently dry your cat; a healthy cat will finish drying themselves with their tongue. In fact, cats use their rough tongues all the time to keep themselves clean.

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