What to Consider when Feeding Pets Natural Foods

What to Consider when Feeding Pets Natural Foods

Natural foods have become increasingly popular in recent years as people today are now far more concerned about what they eat than were ten or twenty years ago.

But what exactly are natural foods?

Well, natural products can be thought of as those foods which don’t contain any chemically synthesised ingredients (except vitamins or minerals). While natural food has become a rising trend amongst humans, pet owners should be careful before feeding similar types of food to their cats and dogs.

All too often pet owners assume that because certain foods – such as fruits and vegetables – are healthy for them, they must also be healthy for their pets. However, the truth is that natural and vegetable-based pet foods are designed more to meet the demand from owners rather than provide animals with any significant nutritional benefits.

This isn’t to say that natural pet food is unhealthy for animals, per se. Indeed, some offerings available on the market are perfectly fine. It is just worth remembering that cats and dogs have very specific nutritional needs which some of these foods are simply not able to provide. For example, a natural dog food may provide antioxidants through fruits and vegetables, but it may be deficient in other nutrients which a canine needs to stay in good health.

Therefore, pet owners who do decide to feed their cats and dogs natural foods must still make sure their animals receive a well-balanced diet.

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