Matthew C Martino’s Top Business Tips!

Serial Entrepreneur &Go For It author Matthew C Martino has experienced the highs and lows of the business world and has since realised that it’s a complex playground. The 21year old who’s considered one of the most hardworking youngsters hails from the streets of Zimbabwe all the way to a boardroom in the UK, he has a bit of aviation love on the side and ofcourse his film production hobby .. Not bad at 21! 

Martino’s business tips:

1. You are the BOSS – Yes take full control of the ship you’re the captain, you decide what kind of work you’ll do in the business, you’ll decide the priorities in the business and ultimately you decide the vision and mission.

2. Hire staff who are brighter than you and get out of their way, it’s a painful reality but there is always someone better at a certain role in the business – So as the boss you need to get out of their way and let them work the magic.

3. Living a life or doing a business, both are like taking a walk in a garden which you have never visited. You do not know the territory nor the paths and pitfalls.

4. Every entrepreneur has legal, financial, social and moral obligations towards his customers/clients. Your obligation is to always keep your technical knowledge up to date.

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