What Are The Best Products To Shop For On Black Friday?

Most of us know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and for many retailers it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. There’s no doubt that you can find some seemingly great bargains on this day, which is touted as being the busiest shopping day of the year. If you’re planning on joining the crowds for a little “retail therapy” the morning after Thanksgiving, be aware of what should be on your shopping list, as well as a few items that should not be.

While it’s true that many retailers mark down prices on a lot of merchandise for Black Friday, it’s also true that many of the products on sale that day are not top-of-the-line goods. If you see a bargain that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sure, you may be able to buy an electronic gadget for an incredibly low price, but does it have all the features you want, or is it an older, outdated model? You may be tempted to buy toys on Black Friday, but you should know that gifts for the little tykes are typically priced much lower in mid-December than they are the day after Thanksgiving. Unless you’re afraid that a retailer will run out of a certain popular toy on your kids’ holiday wish list, it might be better to wait until closer to the Christmas holiday to go toy shopping.

Having said all that, there are still some great buys to be found on Black Friday. Check out the special prices on these categories of merchandise to find some of the best deals.

Electronics: As long as you remember that you might be buying less than premium merchandise, this is a good time to buy electronic products. Tablet computers, for example, will often be priced at under $100. Of course, these products will most likely have lower operating speeds and less memory, but they can still be good gifts for children or people who are just interested in checking email, for example. Electronic gifts that you buy on Black Friday could be made with inferior components and may not last as long as other more expensive models, but they may still be good choices, depending on who you’re buying them for.

Jewelry: While some high end jewelry stores don’t even pretend to participate in Black Friday sales, you will find some very good buys from many online retailers. Whether they specialize in women’s accessories or jewelry for men, several online stores offer very good prices on quality merchandise at this time of year. No matter what your budget constraints might be, you’ll find products to match. If you’re in the market for jewelry for men, for example, you might choose a stainless steel bracelet with polished square links as an economical but stylish man’s gift. You’ll find similar items, many for under $50, at some of the more reputable online jewelry sites.

Kitchen supplies: Black Friday is an excellent time to shop for the kitchen – from pots and pans to fondue sets to cutlery to glassware, you’ll find incredible bargains on all items related to the kitchen on the day after Thanksgiving. Look for small appliances in particular. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or for your own kitchen, you’ll find great deals on toasters, can openers, electric fry pans and much more.

Stocking stuffers: If you’re in the market for smaller gifts, Black Friday is your day! Shop at the larger department stores and find absolutely terrific bargains on all kinds of stocking stuffers: movies, video games, socks, mittens, winter scarves, stationery, nail polish, candles, etc. The list goes on and on.

Whether you’re in the market for jewelry for men, low end electronics or stocking stuffers, Black Friday really can provide some great opportunities for bargain shopping. Just remember which products to shop for on that day and which ones to skip.

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