How To Live Happy And Peaceful Life With EU Health Card

How To Live Happy And Peaceful Life With EU Health Card

Life is about happiness, this is why many people would do anything to live a happy and a peaceful life. Unfortunately, many people involve themselves into lifestyles that turn up to be harmful and detrimental to their health and general wellbeing. Nevertheless, one cannot lead a happy and peaceful life without having a proper health. Give that health is a paramount factor in living happily and peacefully, the European Economic Community (EEC) have come with EU health card to improve the health of its citizens. It is a type of health insurance policy that has been in operation since 2005.

The benefits of EU Health Card

  • EU health card was started with this view in mind, to help citizens of EEA countries to facilitate their health treatment at reduced and subsidized costs. The EU Health Card holder is fully covered in the event of an accident or serious illness.
  • The card is valid for period of five years, this scheme was originally formulated to help the members of the European community have access to medical care anywhere they are without going back to their home countries for treatment.
  • However, this scheme does not cover dental health care, which means that anyone needing dental care must go back to their home countries to access such treatment. Furthermore, this EU card does not negate any form of travel insurance that one has. It only means that it will supplement the health insurance to give you peace of mind and happy lifestyle even away from home. The EU health card is helpful scheme that caters for your health and fitness, thus giving you peace of mind in case of any illness or health complications.
  • This card is only entitled to be used by the holder and cannot be transferred to anybody else. It can be used by only for medical health treatment for during the temporal stay in any EEC country for the purpose of studies, work or traveling.

The conditions for eligibility

  • As much as this card is meant to benefit all the European community citizens it is does not apply to non EEA dependent territories like the Isle of Man, Jersey or French Polynesia. The condition attached to this card is that is should provide the members of EU with right to healthcare in Europe not on the basis citizenship of any particular country but on the legal residence. This means that passport alone is not an adequate ground for someone receiving the benefits of health care, but other forms of ID with a photograph must apply also.

The application process

  • The application of EU Health Card can be done anywhere within the EU country, as long as you are a citizen of European countries that participates in this scheme. There are some organizations that have been appointed to act as agents, whose role is to help with processing the applications and providing advice where needed with checking and filling of the forms, taking of fees and other payments. You can apply through Smartphone and android that operates with the iOS in any of the country that participates in this scheme.

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