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How Best to Choose a Wine Rack

If you have started to collect wine, you will soon realise that having a wine rack to store your bottles in is a good idea. There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to shopping for a wine rack. To help you on your search, we have put together some handy tips.

First of all, make up your mind as to where you wish to keep your wine rack. For many people, this will be the kitchen. However, the temperature of the kitchen will fluctuate throughout the day, which may adversely affect the quality of the wine. Likewise, the wine rack may be exposed to sunlight in the kitchen, which could again ruin the wine.  You may wish to consider a cooler part of the house, such as a pantry or a cellar, if you have one. If this is not an option, consider building a wine cellar, if you are serious about collecting wines. The cellar can be built from a converted pantry, closet, a space under the stairs or part of a garage and does not necessarily need to be under ground level.


Should you be planning to keep your wine bottles in a cellar, you will need to check that the temperature and humidity are suitable for storing wine. You must also ensure that the cellar is never exposed to UV light. After you have decided on where to put your wine rack and you have made sure that the conditions are suitable, you now need to determine what size rack you will need. If you only have a dozen bottles or so, buying a portable wine rack will suffice. If you have a large quantity of wine, you will need to buy a wine rack that fits 2, 3 or 4 dozen wine bottles. A wine storage bin may be a good alternative option, if you have hundreds of bottles to store.

In design terms, another important decision you will have to make is what kind of material you would like the wine rack to be made out of. A stainless steel wine rack will help to create a modern feel. Wooden wine racks work well in a more traditional setting and you can usually choose from mahogany, oak, or pine. If space is limited, a mounted wine rack utilises wall space without encroaching on the room. Wine racks can alternatively be fitted into existing cupboards, which again uses space already available. On the other hand, stackable wine racks will allow you to increase storage space if needed.


Hopefully these ideas will help you to find the best wine rack for your home. After you have considered the location, size requirements and design of the wine rack, finding the right one should not be too much of a chore. Enjoy!

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