Some Benefits Of Using A Private Dentist

Some Benefits Of Using A Private Dentist

Whether young or old, a person’s greatest asset is their smile. To protect that asset, we need to take care of our teeth. They are fundamental to everything that we do. Your smile is only complete if your teeth are in top condition.

To achieve this it’s well worth considering using a private dentist, a decision which has a number of benefits.

Shorter Waiting Time

Long waiting times for dental care can be one of the major deterrents to taking adequate care of your teeth. Not only can the condition of your teeth deteriorate while you are waiting to be seen – but for those who have a phobia of dentists, the waiting can be an anxious time. But don’t make that your excuse for avoiding regular dental care. If you use a private dentist you’ll usually be sitting in the dentist’s chair before you’ve had time to think about it.

Better Treatments and Materials

Using a private dentist gives you the freedom to choose from a number of treatment options for a particular issue; you won’t just get the treatment or material that is the cheapest and instead you can choose the treatment you prefer. The additional options that you will have with a private dentist include having a white filling instead of a traditional and cheaper silver one, root canal treatment instead of extractions and crowns when you feel they are more appealing.

You can also choose longer-lasting and more functional materials for your treatment. Of course the cheaper options are still there if you want them but at least you have that choice.

Enhanced customer experience

Private dentists want you to come back. You are a valued customer and as such you are likely to receive enhanced customer service. Private dentists will take the time to get to know you and your personal fears and preferences. That in itself can help to ease any fears or apprehensions that you may have.

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic services are also available through a private dentist. Normally, an NHS dentist cannot perform cosmetic procedures unless it is absolutely necessary (such as after an accident), but private dentists offer a range of cosmetic services. Examples of cosmetic services that you can take advantage of include teeth whitening, tooth reshaping to improve its appearance, bonding (which adds an enamel-like substance to the tooth), veneers, dental bridges, bite reclamation and gum lifts which raise and improve the appearance of the gum line.

If you currently pay for your NHS treatment you might well find that signing up with a private dentist is cost effective. You can often pay on a monthly basis or spread the cost of treatments such as teeth implants or tooth whitening.

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