Paper VS Plastic : Which Bag Is Better For Your Brand

Paper VS Plastic : Which Bag Is Better For Your Brand

When branding merchandise for your business it is important to look at every aspect of the marketing campaign including the bag that your customers will carry out of the store. With printed paper bags with your branding you can boost the awareness of your brand whilst caring for the environment, but what about a printed plastic bag? Here, we are going to look at whether plastic or paper bags are better for your business.

Longer Life

When looking to opt for printed paper bags or printed carrier bags for your business it is important to look at the lifespan of such a product. Although the paper bags are much better for the environment, they also have the potential to break in the rain and do not last as long. However, the impact that a carrier bag has on the market can last a number of years. Therefore, if you opt for a printed bag option it is vital to market them as a bag for life as this will then help to reduce the environmental impact. By adding a replacement scheme in your business you can help to decrease the environmental impact and increase brand loyalty.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of plastic bags has been spoken about a lot in the news recently since the 5p charge for this style of bag. However, this can sometimes be the only option for a brand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is a scheme in place to help recycle this material and decrease the carbon footprint of your company. However, if you opt for a paper bag instead, this will then avoid the 5p charge for your clients, however, you then increase the potential of having to order more due to the much shorter shelf life.

Design Potential

The design potential of a printed bag is also affected by the type of material that you opt for. Therefore, this is important to consider when designing the bag to ensure that you can make a bag that perfectly highlights the brand whilst looking profession. This is key as this can have an impact on the professional image of the brand.

Overall Cost

Another impact of the material is the overall cost of manufacture. IF you are a much smaller business then a paper bag may be beneficial for you as the cost of manufacturing is often much lower. This is something to consider within the marketing budget as this could all contribute to the overall success of the campaign. Although this is not the be all and end all it is important to get the choice of material right as your design can look warped or out of place. If plastic is what you are opting for then the printing method may be different adding an additional cost to your budget.

Whatever the style of material you opt for, eye-catching design and clear branding is what will help to set you apart from the competition. Whilst several established businesses such as Primark have opted for the paper bag, there is still a large percentage of the market that opt for plastic leaving the choice completely up to you. Which will you choose?

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