Tips For Growing Autoflowering Strains

Tips For Growing Autoflowering Strains

Growing cannabis can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. It requires practice, persistence and commitment for the process to be a success. That is why we thought we would offer some of our top tips for growing cannabis, to ensure you have a fantastic yield and product, with the help of Anubis Seeds.

Nutrients for growing with cannabis seeds

Central to the success of the growing process is providing your cannabis plants with enough nutrients to sustain growth. Many growers supplement their plants with some extra nutrients in the last couple of weeks leading up to the harvest of the crop. I have been using liquid nutrition for this purpose. Why you may ask? Well, if it is liquid in form, the plant is more likely to absorb the nutrients and use these nutrients to facilitate growth.

If you decide to grow your cannabis indoors, you will probably only require flowering nutrition. We have found that even the most inexpensive soils available will have sufficient nutrients to sustain the growth phase. Most likely, the plant nutrition will be NPK based – and by that we mean they will contain “Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium”. The Nitrogen and Potassium that the nutrition products contain can help promote growth, while Phosphorus is useful for promoting the flowering stage. We would advise however to use nutrition products specifically designed for cannabis plants, as these will have the right concentrations of each nutrient to enable the most ideal of growths.

Choosing the Right Lamp

If you are looking to grow autos during the summer, for example, the only way you are able to realistically achieve this is by growing outside. However, if you only want to grow indoors, you will need the best lamp to ensure your growth is a success. As you will learn, the “length of the night” is central to the success of growing cannabis. Therefore, you will certainly need a timer to ensure that the correct amount of light is given as and when required. There are several different strengths of lamp available – from around 400 watts up to 1000 watts. In general, the more light you can generate, the better the expected yield will result. Our top tip for choosing a lamp for indoor growing should be a sodium-based lamp – or more commonly known as a vapour lamp.

Optimize Your Extraction System

Critical to indoor growing is the extraction system. This will contain what is known as an activated carbon filter. You will probably know that cannabis requires carbon dioxide to grow, which is taken from the air. After a period of time, all the carbon dioxide will be extracted from the air and growth will be adversely affected. The extraction system can remove the air that doesn’t contain any carbon dioxide and brings in fresh air in its place. The extraction system also removes any overpowering smells as well, which often accompany the flowering phase.

If you follow these tips, you will be well on the way to harvesting a bumper yield.

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