Making Your Dog Safer for Children

Generally speaking most dogs are entirely safe for children. However, there are some times instances where dogs can react negatively to children, and even bite them. This isn’t common, and it can be prevented with the right training of your pets.


“Socialising” is where you teach your dogs to be sociable animals. Dogs tend to view humans just as they would their other pack members, high ranking members usually. You can socialise your dog when they’re at a very young age, from 8 to 18 weeks by introducing them to family members, including children.

Giving Your Dog Space

Dogs are territorial creatures, and so when there are new people around they can feel a little threatened. Many grown-ups can sense this, however children may not be able to and so may irritate your dog a little. To counteract this ensure your dog has their own place to resort to, such as a dog crate or dog bed.

Teaching Obedience

It’s widely known that dogs work best when they are trained using rewards, rather than punished. You can encourage your dog to be more obedient, and therefore less likely to jump at strangers or act disruptively around children. Obedience training can include teaching simple commands like sit and stay.

Some disruptive behaviours might be the result of some underlying health problem. Therefore it is important to ensure your dog is healthy, has enough exercise and eats a quality diet. You can improve your dog’s diet by choosing high quality Hills Pets food, Hills Pets also offers a wide range of advice about pet care.