Breastfeeding Clothes – Hilary Duff Embraces Her Curves

If you’ve recently given birth and think that all breastfeeding clothes were dull, and that you’d be condemned to wearing a tent for the next year or so, think again!

Actor Hilary Duff was spotted recently out and about in LA with new son Luca, embracing her curves in tight-fitting denim jeans in appropriately coloured baby blue, offered a classic example of how a new mum can look fantastic.

A simple white T-shirt completed the look, along with a pair of super-cool sneakers. The casual look was glammed up thanks to diamond ear studs and her nails, painted bright red.

Duff welcomed her firstborn son back in the spring, and has been quite public about her battle to get her pre-pregnancy body back. And she has admitted that she is not quite there yet.

She said: “I’m working hard and doing’t everything I can to lose weight the right way. I’m breast-feeding, so you have to be careful and can’t do anything too dramatic.”

Hilary also tweeted the other weekend about how pleased she was to be able to spend a Saturday night alone with her new baby to enjoy some precious mother and son bonding time together.

If you’re a new mum and feel like glamming up, the Internet makes a good starting point at a time when you may be less able or willing to get to the shops than previously. You’ll find a range of great maternity and nursing wear in stunning designs.