Mobile Commerce – The Future of Online Business

Mobile phones are evolving at a faster pace than any other technology has done before. The huge rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets has led to an increasing number of people accessing the web on mobile devices. The popularity of the mobile web has implications for ecommerce sites. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) could become the future of online businesses.

Mobile Web Usage is Increasing

It’s estimated that nearly 50% of internet users are now accessing the web on their mobile phones. This increase in mobile web usages has provided a variety of opportunities for online businesses. The mobile web can now be used to increase customer engagement and boost sales. Dedicated mobile sites have faster load times and greatly improve the user experience.

Stand Out From Competitors

Mobile web users appreciate shopping sites that are clear, easy to navigate and quick and simple to purchase from. Businesses that have a dedicated mobile site are more likely to appeal to people who surf the web on their smartphones and tablets. It will also make the company stand out from their competitors who haven’t embraced the mobile web.

Connect With Customers at Any Time

People who have smartphones or tablets are able to visit mobile sites at anytime, anywhere there is a data connection. This provides a number of opportunities for businesses to connect with customers in new and unique ways. Businesses can take advantage of a number of mobile-specific features, like click-to-call and geo-location.