Birmingham’s future is bright

Birmingham has been through a significant economic transition. It used to have a strong manufacturing base, but now it is home to a variety of service industries. The shift has not been without some pain in terms of jobs lost. However, the city is in a very good position to make progress and its central location makes it ideal for those companies seeking office space.

Benefits from Birmingham’s regeneration

Offices to rent in Birmingham are good choices for a number of reasons. However, one of the main advantages of Birmingham is that its regeneration strategy has broadened the economic base of the city. This makes it much less vulnerable to recession than it would otherwise be.

It also provides valuable opportunities for enterprises in sectors like retail, tourism, leisure, and event management. Birmingham has a host of conference centres so it is a great spot for organisations who hope to hold many meetings.

Redevelopment is not over

The momentum of Birmingham’s regeneration has not been lost. Large amounts of money are still being spent on the Library of Birmingham, Birmingham New Street Station and the Eastside area. This is obviously positive because it gives the city a greater chance of attracting further investment going forward.

An educated talent pool

Birmingham has three universities and numerous skilled graduates flow from them each year. Many of these are international students who tend to be particularly well-motivated. Its population is young and diverse so SMEs should not find recruitment difficult.

Come first in Manchester

Manchester is a city which has an impressive history when it comes to progress. Back in 1761, the Bridgewater Canal was the first waterway that had no connection with rivers. The city hosted the first ever international art exhibition in 1857. At the University of Manchester, Ernest Rutherford found out how to divide atoms in 1919. In 2010, scientists at the same university invented graphene. This is the world’s thinnest material and could have all sorts of uses. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Manchester has a long history of famous firsts.

A city of innovation

Manchester is great for those looking for office space to rent. This is partly because modern Manchester is ideal for enterprises from a range of economic sectors. Engineering companies and creative firms both do well in the city. Offices to rent in Manchester are also a fine choice because of the skilled workforce in the region.

A connected European city

Many cities use international terms in their marketing, but Manchester really is a dynamic European city. Manchester Airport is handy for international clients. Travel around Manchester is enabled by an excellent infrastructure. Successful regeneration of the city centre has given it a European atmosphere as well as many impressive new buildings.

Ambitious firms tend to prosper when they are situated next to likeminded companies. This means that Manchester is a suitable place for start-ups and other SMEs. There are plenty of networking opportunities in the city and the local Chamber of Commerce is very helpful.