A luxury village in the capital

Most people associate Mayfair with wealth. However, not everyone knows that this affluent part of London has a distinctive ambiance. For those who have office space within its boundaries, it is a bit like working inside an attractive village. Office space in Mayfair is highly accessible and this is another reason why using it makes so much commercial sense.

Being surrounded by success

In Mayfair, firms find themselves in close proximity to other successful organisations. This is advantageous in a variety of ways. Simply being in Mayfair gives a business contact the impression that an enterprise is ambitious and likely to do well. In addition, it means that a company has enviable networking prospects. London is a great world city with a range of high quality urban areas, but there are some who would say that Mayfair has a prestige which is not found elsewhere.

A pleasant culture

Modern business often benefits from cultural assets and places where corporate hospitality can be engaged in. Mayfair has the Ritz and other hotels, as well as some superb restaurants. The luxury shopping on offer has been described by some as remarkable. The squares within Mayfair give it a calmness which can be useful during breaks in the working day.

Getting there is not a problem

Considering that London does have some congestion and Mayfair has a central position, some may say accessibility is a difficult issue. However, London Underground stations are nearby and the nearby Piccadilly Line means that it is possible to get to Heathrow Airport without any fuss.