When it comes to location, stories matter

Companies looking for offices to rent have to think about every aspect of office location. One thing which is not reflected on enough is the stories which are attached to particular urban areas. If an enterprise can associate itself with a set of buildings which have a special story told about them, this can be of great benefit to the image of that enterprise.

Canary Wharf is a case in point

Canary Wharf will always be thought of in connection with property-led regeneration. Canadian Paul Reichmann had a concept of creating a special financial centre in derelict docklands. Within a quarter of century, the ambitious vision had been realised, with the area being immensely popular with forward-thinking businesses.

More than a tale of regeneration

Even if Canary Wharf had not been built on such a site, its iconic buildings would mean that it would have a special impact on the fortunes of those outfits lucky enough to be housed within it. Canary Wharf contains one of the capital’s tallest structures and is an amazing London landmark. Appearances are not deceptive though – Canary Wharf has some remarkable contents, too.

A story matched by reality

Companies which use office space in Canary Wharf can make use of a range of features which contribute to the special qualities of the place. Visiting clients can be entertained in great restaurants and can stay in superb hotels. They are likely to go away with positive things to say about those who have worked with them.