Office staff must have computer chairs

Any small business owner has a lot on their plate. They’re juggling multiple challenges and the last thing they need are unnecessary distractions. However, there are certain parts of office life that they just can’t avoid. It’s all part and parcel of keeping everyone happy and the office ticking over.

Office furniture is a key purchase. Funds are limited, but business owners need to make sure their staff have the right set up in order to work safely and comfortably. Given how prevalent computer workstations and laptops have become, it’s easy to forget that the human body wasn’t mean to be sat at a desk hunched over one of these machines all day. If people don’t take breaks or have the right kind of chair then problems soon become apparent.

The repetitive actions of keyboard and mouse usage need to be monitored carefully and staff must have the right equipment and furniture to minimise their exposure to risk in this kind of working environment.

Computer chairs are different to regular ones. They’ve been specially designed to give lumbar support and are fully adjustable so that each staff member can work comfortably, regardless of how tall or short they are.

It can be tempting to try to save money, but buying in substandard or the wrong kind of furniture will result in health issues. This could lead to time off work, fines from the HSE and even a court case. However, by shopping around, especially online, it’s possible to find some great deals on this kind of furniture at work, without compromising on comfort levels and health issues.