Protect The iPhone 5 And Galaxy S3

Apple may have won some very expensive lawsuits against Samsung but that doesn’t mean the latter’s offerings are shoddy knock-offs. Far from it in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful smartphones ever to be created and it gives the iPhone 5 a serious run for its money in terms of raw processing power. From a consumer’s point of view, both phones are intuitive and equally worthy of investment, while the iPhone 5 perhaps shades it because of software integration and capability. The consumer is also aware of just how large the screens are for both of these phones, which sounds like great news. There is a downside, a larger screen typically means more real estate to damage, as well as making the phone that much heavier. Any drops are more likely to damage the screen leaving these masterpieces of modern technology (no matter who made them) looking rather sorry for themselves.

Of course iPhone cases are available that protect, but they must be so robust as to protect the delicate screen that accepts all of a user’s finger gestures. The same goes for the Galaxy S3 case, although with a screen that is 9.8 square inches compared to the iPhone 5’s 6.7 square inches, there is even more of a requirement on the case to do its job. With both of these phones having the same shape as HDTVs its easy to see why they’re expensive and why they should receive extra protection.