What Should Health and Safety Training Include?

Health and safety compliance is extremely important, regardless of the nature of your business. There is a legal requirement to ensure that employees are working in a healthy and safe environment, and one of the key ways of achieving this requirement is to train employees, preferably as part of their induction.

If you represent a smaller business then you might not have any solid infrastructure in place for training employees. The legal requirement still stands, and so it’s very important you address this. You might consider online health and safety training, which makes training more accessible for your employees. It’s also a very effective way to teach and learn, teaching and learning can be facilitated by a range of media, videos or audio files as well as text.

What should safety training include?

If your business comprises of five or people then you’ll need to have a written health and safety policy. This policy should cover important aspects of workplace health and safety, including fire safety. It should also be specific to your business, outlining important details of your business that might influence occupational health and safety.

Teaching of health and safety should obviously be very comprehensive. It should equip employees with academic and practical knowledge, knowledge which is important if workers, and those around them, are to remain safe at work.