Retail supplies are not just for retailers

Shop display equipment has a multitude of uses that are not only essential to the fashion retailer but also to individuals and other businesses. These individuals and business owners may have no requirement for the point-of-sale products used by fashion retailers. Yet, the likes of clothes rails, garment covers, and a broad range of tailoring equipment are prerequisites in arenas outside of fashion retailing.

Dress making supplies for fashion designers and students

Whilst many fashion designers and those aspiring to the profession do not have their own retail outlets, many do share the need for similar tools of the trade with boutique owners and store managers. Tailors dummies are non-negotiable dress making basics. Furthermore, most designers and students go public with their creations at catwalk shows and fashion events. A portable garment rail is a useful piece of kit for transporting items of clothing, as are dress covers for keeping garments in as pristine a condition as possible whilst in transit.

Products for manufacturers and wholesalers

Businesses that make and distribute clothing often use much of the equipment that the shops that sell the clothes do. However, they produce and handle clothes long before they reach the shop floor. Therefore, the overall appearance and quality of the equipment is of lesser importance to manufacturers and wholesalers than it is to retailers. Budget coat rails and display hangers regularly serve functional purposes before retailers ultimately display the garments in store with equipment of their own choosing.