Shop equipment that suits all budgets and styles

Just like the garments that they sell, shops have very different styles that influence the retail supplies they purchase for displaying their wares. The beauty of shop display equipment suppliers, who offer truly comprehensive product ranges to fashion retailers, is that they really do have something for everybody. Whether shops are at the ‘bargain end’ of the spectrum, or they ooze designer exclusivity, the retail display equipment chosen is integral to the most successful visual merchandising possible, at price points that suit what retailers have to spend.

Shop fittings on a budget

Fashion retailers dealing in high turnover garments with low profit margins usually purchase exceptionally keenly in order to keep their overheads as low as possible. However, the clothes rails, retail shelving, and other equipment they use for garment display purposes do not have to look cheap.

Some experienced suppliers of equipment to the retail trade have in excess of 5,000 products in their ranges, including cost-effective options, such as plastic hangers and carrier bags, that do not compromise on quality.

Sophisticated display equipment befitting luxury brands

It would be an ill-fitting match for designer label garments at the luxury end of the scale to be shown off on the cheapest display hangers available. It would be equally jarring for customer purchases to be handed over in the same wholesale plastic carrier bags used at a cut price store over the road. Boutiques with sophisticated ambiance warrant satin hangers and beautifully branded garment bags.